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How to Contribute

CCI Code

You are encouraged to contribute to the CCI Code project, but please keep the following guidelines in mind:
  • The CCI Code API (excluding the AST model) is mature and needs to remain in a highly stable state. It is usually better to create new components than to add functionality to existing components.
  • Much of the CCI Code API derives from internal Microsoft code bases that must be authored only by Microsoft employees. Employees who maintain internal code bases cannot look at bug fixes that are provided as code patches. If you discover a bug in an internal code base, the best approach is to file a bug report that includes an easy way to reproduce the problem.
  • Put your contributions in separate source files. One approach that is often useful is to implement partial classes.
To contribute:
  1. If you have not already done so, complete a Project Assignment Agreement by sending an e-mail indicating your interest to He will connect you with someone from the CodePlex team who will handle the process.
  2. Find an existing bug or feature request that looks interesting, or create a new one. See Unfinished Business for some suggestions.
  3. Add a comment to the work item to indicate that you're going to work on it. Until you have developer rights, you can’t assign work items to yourself.
  4. Update your source tree to make sure that you have the most recent CCI Code version, and make the necessary changes or additions.
  5. Package the changes as a patch.
  6. On the Source Code tab, click Upload Patch, fill in the required information, and click Save to upload the patch.

Important: By posting your submission to the project’s Issue Tracker, you agree to do so under the CodePlex TOU.

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