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How do I

Build the CCI Code and AST components

Go to the Source Code tab and make sure that you have TortoiseSVN installed. Then simply check out the cciast project and open the Ast solution in the root directory of the source tree. Now just get Visual Studio to build the solution (I like to hit the build solution button). It is that easy.

If you want to use the CCI components in a solution that lives in another CodePlex project, or another Subversion repository, simply use the svn:external property to set up a link between the two repositories, and then add the relevant CCI projects to your solution. This technique has been used to make this CodePlex project (cciast) import the separate ccimetadata CodePlex project.

Build the CCI Code and AST API Reference Documentation

The Documents subfolder includes an HTML Help File, “CCI Metadata, Code, and AST components API documentation.chm,” which contains complete reference documentation for the CCI Metadata API. However, this file is not routinely built and might not be completely up to date. The Documents folder includes a SandCastle Help File Builder project file (Ast.shfbproj) that you can use to build a help file that is synchronized with the current sources, as follows:
  1. Install SandCastle Help File Builder.
  2. Double-click Ast.shfbproj to load the project.
  3. Click the toolbar’s Compile button to build the help file.

Execute the test suite

The test projects are all located under the Tests folder. Just go and run them! All test projects are command line applications that will self-execute their tests. When launching a test execution, a command window will go the progress of the execution. This window will automatically close if no error occurred, otherwise it will stay open in order to be able to inspect the output. A typical output looks like this: console runner (xunit.dll version
Test assembly: C:\codeplex\cciast\Tests\RoundtripTests\bin\Debug\RoundtripTests.exe
Total tests: 5, Failures: 0, Skipped: 0, Time: 8.51 seconds

Of course, one may also debug a test project by simply stepping into the project, or just by setting a breakpoint and running the project from inside Visual Studio.

CCI uses the test framework to execute the test suite. With just Visual Studio installed, the test projects are set up to use the basic runner but there are alternative runners that provide a smoother Visual Studio integration. These include:

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